titanium implants

Made to measure titanium implants

Made to measure

When it’s not possible or suboptimal to reconstruct or build up a part of bone with your own tissue a titanium implant is indicated. The implant is made to measure based on your CT scan.It is designed in 3D before it is printed.

A classic indication is jaw angle augmentation or zygomatic augmentation that can not be achieved by malar osteotomy. An entire redefinition of the lower jaw is possible as wel. Visible notches after orthognatic surgery can be corrected using a titanium implant.

When you come for orthognatic surgery intake I will discuss with you the possible aesthetical need of jaw angle implants when indicated.

I like to use photoshop simulation in order to communicate the possibilities of what we can achieve through surgery so you can make an educated decision.

If you want to know more about my expertise with made to measure titanium implants you can visit my webinar for Materialise or read my article about reconstruction.

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