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Who am I ?

My name is Lauri Wauters, M.D, D.M.D.

I am a double degree Maxillo-Facial surgeon focusing on facial esthetic-, orthognatic and skin cancer surgery.

I trained at the European Face Centre (UZ Brussels) under the world renowned Prof. Maurice Mommaerts.

Maxillo-Facial Surgery is the only medical speciality that covers the whole range of and focuses solely on facial surgery. My training entailed adaptation of the facial base structure-the bone- as well as the soft tissue cover.

Non-surgical procedures are an integral part of facial aesthetic practice and I use them on their own or in combination with surgical procedures in order to obtain the most beautiful and natural looking results.

I will advise and guide you to the best treatment plan adapted to your wishes and your specific facial features after detailed facial analysis.

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My Philosophy

If Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, better make sure to choose the right surgeon.

Natural looking results.

Be the best version of yourself, confidence is key.

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Where to find me ?

MC Meise
Nieuwelaan 63 1860 Meise

+32 474 74 75 76

Malle Zwaluwenlaan 22 2390 Oostmalle

St.-Pieters-Leeuw Georges Wittouckstraat 20 1600 St.-Pieters-Leeuw

CHIREC- St. Anne-St. Remi
Blvd. Jules Graindor 66 1070 Anderlecht


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Come see me !

To book an appointment call +32 474 74 75 76, or if you want to request a video-call, fill out the form below.