face- & necklift

Beat gravity to the punch

The aging process in our face leads to laxity and wrinkling of the skin, vertical sagging of the fat pads and bony volume loss.

When there is a lot of excess skin and severe sagging of the fat pads, only surgical repositioning can solve this. Non-surgical interventions can tighten lax skin, but when there is severe excess this will not suffice. Carefully placed filler can gently lift but mostly ads volume where there is loss. Therefore one should be careful to avoid overfilling and consequently a loss of definition of the facial features.

Dr. Wauters will give you an honest and expert advise on what is possible and what not with and-or without surgery.

In most cases a pre-surgical medical skin care routine will be started in order to bring the skin back to optimal health before surgery. Because a natural looking result can only be achieved when the skin is healthy, full and clear.

Additionally, when skin quality is very poor and there is severe sundammage and dryness of the skin, radiofrequency microneedling can be added pre- and post surgery to further improve skin quality and make the overall result even better.

Dr. Wauters performs the deep plane facelift following the techique of world renowned facelift specialist dr. Andrew Jacono. She shares his belief that the best and most natural results can only be achieved repositioning the deeper layers and fat pads, in contrast to just the skin.

This procedure is technically more challenging and more time consuming then a classic superficial face lift only targeting the skin, but leads to the best results.

A face-jawline and necklift are often performed all in one procedure but can be performed separately depending on your specific anatomy.

The procedure is performed under sedation or general anesthesia. The best option for you will be extensively discussed at the consultation.

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