lower blepharoplasty

lower blepharoplasty

Get your bedroom eyes back

Lower eyelid surgery or lower blepharoplasty rejuvenates the lower eyelid and midface area. It is a rewarding surgery for both patient and practitioner and can be easily performed under local anesthesia.

The aging process of the lower eye area has different components:

  1. Skin excess and laxity
  2. Septal weakening leading to fat pouches and an highlighted tear through
  3. Weakening of the tarsus, the bowstring tightening the lower and upper eyelid horizontally
  4. sagging of the midface fat pads

After analysis of your specific type of aging and anatomy, I will decide for the type of blepharoplasty best suited to your needs. When there is simple septal weakening with fat pouches and a highlighted tear through but no skin excess, i will use a transconjunctival approach, leaving no external scar. When there is skin excess i will use an external approach, removing a strip of skin. Analysis of the laxity of the lower eyelid tarsus is adamnant in order to avoid unwanted retraction of the lower eyelid. In cases where there is laxity of the tarsus a canthopexy needs to be performed in order to avoid this complication.