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In women the brow ideally sits on top or even above the brow-bone, in most men it will be just below.

Aging will leed to drooping of the brow, giving the eyes a tired and old aspect. When analysing the aging of the upper eye, I always check the brow position. When the brow is drooping, a blepharoplasty alone will only make the distance between the eye and eyebrow smaller, not leading to the desired result. In many cases a combination of both is needed.

Some women have low set brows from early age on, or lateral drooping of the brow-tail, or simply wish to open up their eyes more and have a more slanted upward shape.

An (endoscopic) browlift is performed under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia depending on the case.

Small incisions are made behind the hairline, so there are no visible scars. After undermining of the tissues,the brow is lifted and attached with a lifting thread to the bone for permanent fixation. Depending the desired shape and slant the lift can be both in the middle and/or only lateral. In some cases ideal results are achieved combining brow-lift and upper blepharoplasty