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Pull your hair back with confidence

Protruding ears can be a source of frustration and loss of self-confidence. In children it might lead to bullying at school. In children its important they stand behind the decision to correct the ears. If they don’t feel the need, and are not self-conscious about it, in my opinion it’s best to wait a bit.

The correction of deformed earlobes because of piercings and stretchers is another often requested surgery. Continuous wear of heavy earrings or traumatic pulling on an earring can lead to stretching or shearing of the piercing.

In protruding ears, depending on the deformity, some ear cartilage needs to be removed or folded or a combination of both. In adults this can easily be done under local anesthesia. In children this will depend on the severity of the deformity, the age of the child and their psychological wellbeing. Often a short sedation or general anesthesia will be more reassuring to them.

Correction of piercings is a relatively small intervention that can be easily performed under local anesthesia with very few down-time.

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