My Nose

A nose that fits your face

If u feel unhappy with your nose or you have difficulty breathing, a surgical rhinoplasty is the best approach. I am not a big fan of filler nose jobs since it masks the structural problems without solving them.

Rhinoplasty is one of the more challenging interventions in the field of facial surgery. Deep understanding of this complex anatomical region is essential. Bone, cartilage and soft tissue together form a complex unit.

There is ongoing discussion about open- vs closed rhinoplasty techniques (small scar on the outside vs only internal scars) and which is better. I believe it is shortsighted to limit to this topic. I believe the structural problems should be addressed through the approach best suited to the specific problem. Always as minimally invasive possible, but this should not compromise the result.

Therefore I can only decide on an open- or closed approach after careful examination of your specific anatomy.

My philosophy is to give you a nose that suits your facial features. A natural looking and balanced result. A nose that is structurally and functionally sound.