make-up artist Barbara evens with beautiful natural mineral make-up

Make-up should not only be about covering flaws, it should highlight your best features.

Make-up can boost your confidence. Look and feel like the best version of yourself. After surgery, learn how to improve results and look even brighter with the right make-up.

Choosing the right skin friendly make-up is extremely important. Especially during treatment, after surgery or when you have sensitized skin (acne, rosacea, eczema). With Barbara you are in good hands. She only uses skin-friendly mineral make- up that can be safely applied during your treatment. She will guide you not only in finding the right colors for your skin tone but also teach you how to apply your make-up for the best results. She is also trained in using the ZO Skinhealth skincare program in order to get your skin healthy again.

Just like me, she stands for the ideal of promoting natural looking beauty. Feeling and looking the best you can. Easing the treatment track with skin friendly camouflage without compromising results.