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Filters are great, but great skin is better …

People often wonder why as a surgeon I put so much emphasis on skincare, while i’m the one who should be doing the “heavy stuff”.

In order to achieve beautiful and natural results with surgery, it’s imperative the fabric you work with is in good condition. If I perform a facelift this will lift the sagged volumes back to their original place, but it won’t change the condition of your skin which might be full of sundamage and deep wrinkles resistant to pull, you immediate pick up on the age discrepancy between these two and the result will look “fake”.

“You can’t make a couture gown out of frumpy old fabric”

Healthy and prepared skin also has better healing capacities compared to damaged, thickened and vessel depleted skin.

Somethimes skincare alone will not be sufficient to boost skin health and reduce pigmentation enough. Additional non-invasive interventions such as laser and radiofrequency microneedling can add to achieve the most beautiful results.

It’s for everyone who wants to improve their skin health ! Healthy, clear skin is the start to looking young and confident. Patients suffering from acne, rosacea and pigmentational problems will benefit greatly from investing in medical grade skincare.

Patients looking for natural results from surgery should also be put on a skin care regime in orde to achieve the results they want and deserve.

Science, not hocus-pocus will get you the skin you deserve.