lip lift

Your lip drops with 1 mm every 10 years

While we age our upper lip drops with about 1 mm every 10 years. This leads to visual thinning of the upper lip, facial unbalance and covering of the upper teeth when smiling.

Ideally about 2-3 mm of the front teeth is visible when the upper lip is at rest. A surgical liplift can restore the youthfulness of the upper lip and the overall balance of your facial features. By lifting the upper lip it will roll out and without filling have a more plump appearance.

A strip of skin and muscle is removed underneath the nostril sills and inside the nose. The muscle is lifted and attached to the bone from the upper jaw with a small anchoring screw. The skin is closed afterwards using stitches.

The scars are hidden under the nostrils and inside the nose. A surgical liplift can be performed under local anesthetics or sedation.