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Let’s talk about your lips

Your lips should be in harmony with your face. Bespoke lip fillers can harmonize and balance your features without looking done.

The emphasis on voluminous, pillowy lips on social media has gotten extreme. For me any treatment I do has to add to the balance, harmony and youthfulness of your face without looking obviously ‘done’. Lip fillers are a brilliant tool when used in moderation and with the correct technique in order to get the lips that best suit your face.

Because aging makes the upper lip drop over time, the upper lip can appear less full and attractive, in these cases a surgical liplift will give you a long lasting and natural result. By shortening the upper lip again the upper lip will turn out and appear fuller. In many cases additional volume is not even necessary.

I will advise you with expertise on what treatment will get you to the results you want and that best suit your features.

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