non surgical face- & necklift

Beat the first signs of aging

When the first signs of aging volume loss, laxity and wrinkling kick in we can improve those drastically without ever picking up the scalpel.

Depending on your individual aging pattern I will propose a combined therapy of injectables botox, filler and skinboosters and laser resurfacing or radiofrequency+microneedling. Submental sagging can be tackled through a combination of fat resolving injections and cryotherapie.

The advantage of this combination therapy is that the injectables deliver immediate results that are heightened by the increasing collagen stimulating, skin surface renewing and tightening properties over time from laser, cryotherapie and microneedling+radiofrequency sessions.

In cases of fine wrinkling or when there is (acne)scarring a chemical peel can smoothen and renew the skin surface. A peel is performed after careful skin preparation with a medical grade skin care program tailored to the specific needs of your skin from ZO Skinhealth.