medical grade skincare

Everybody's skin is different. Personalised medical grade skin care.

Everybody’s skin is different

Medical grade skincare targets the specific needs and problems of your skin.

It’s really difficult to navigate in the world of skincare and beauty products and still know what is right for you. Most skincare available over the counter does not work for your specific skin type and at worst might even be harming your skin. Over the counter products do not have the same type and level of scientifically backed up ingredients.

After a thorough skin analysis I will put you on an individualized program. I feel confident working with the products from ZO Skinhealth, because i know the results will be worth.

As a physician I can’t afford to use products that don’t have scientific backup. Dr. Zein Obagi is world renowned as a cosmetic dermatologist and developed safe and easy to use chemical peels as well as home treatment programs targeting all the most common skin problems as well as anti-aging programs in different strengths.

An individual skincare program can prepare your skin for more invasive treatments such as a chemical peel.

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